It doesn’t bring brilliant parents to raise a smart child. Through love and maintain what they have received from you, your baby’s brain has developed. While genetics and environmental factors play a role in his intelligence, there is one thing you can affect to increase the capacity of your baby’s brain – the quality of the time you gave him.

In addition, to further improve language skills, attention, and reason, he needs activities that stimulate the brain. The following are things you can do to advance your baby’s intelligence.


Talk to your baby

Talking to your baby may feel more like a monologue in a conversation. However, it is one of the most enriching opportunities that you can give to him. What is the form of sound, vocabulary, and future cognitive skills in your one-side conversation. Keep in mind that how you talk to it has a profound impact on its development.

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Here are some other suggestions that you must adopt when talking to a child to help him absorb interactions:

Use excessive face movements

  • Use vocals and syllables compiled
  • Save your subject directly, talk, for example, his favorite toys
  • If he wants to talk, des512cribe it
  • Pamper yourself in storytime.

Not only reading books for your baby has a language and understanding, but it is also the perfect way to bind him. The picture book will help him see new things and the area he hasn’t visited. This helps them memorize quickly if you can re-read the same book twice in a row, especially if you point to each photo. Do this before nap time or at night because this is the right time to bind. Keep making sure to have a baby pillow that is good for your child to enjoy the story.

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Your baby will enjoy poetry poems and children and will not be afraid to sing and make them interesting and more exciting. If you have those days when all you want to do is catch up with your book or magazine, don’t hesitate to read them into babies hard to make him interested in the new vocabulary too. Having a perfect child pillow during this interaction will make activities more enjoyable.


Choose the right toy

While Teddy Bear’s grandmother was taken to her grandmother as sweet, you also want to choose a toy that helped her explore and connect with your baby. Of course, you want to choose a safe and suitable toy, but you also want toys that facilitate creative games than doing things themselves to cheer them up. More senses must also be activated to explore when viewing, touching, and hearing. Choose toys with color and primary form and clear texture contrast.

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Here are some toys options to increase baby growth:

  • Building Blocks
  • Ball
  • Kitchen set
  • Toys rings
  • Rattles.
  • Phone toys
  • Toys press and squeak
  • Activity matt
  • Counting toys
  • Kinetic sand
  • Drawing easel
  • Basketball hoops


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