Keeping yourself organised can be a difficult task and get all that difficult when children are in the picture. Running from sports practice to ballet recitals to make sure your house is in order to make the life of a busy home. That is why it is important for organizations to teach your children at an early age. They are more prone to maintain these habits and will be a big help around the house. Here are some easy ways to keep tidy tots.

1. Outdoor Toys – Set the outer toy by keeping a large plastic tub or a crate on the porch/deck or in the garage. Go through and discard damaged toys and give or toys that have outgrown or no longer use a sell.

2. Cake – Keep children’s plates and snacks on the shelves low so they can access it.

3. Basket – Keep a basket or crate for toys in every room to avoid toys scattered everywhere.

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4. Video – Label all your movies and convert video so that children can easily find what they are looking for movies. Go through and kill the people who you do not watch it again.

5. Make a Sandwich Center – lunch meats Simply put, pre-sliced ​​tomatoes, lettuce, and whatever else your kids eat in a sandwich in a plastic container and label it “Sandwich Center” and teach them to make their own sandwiches. All they need to try to open the fridge and grab the “Sandwich Center” which contains everything they have to place the sandwich together and return the container to the refrigerator when finished.

6. Homework Time – Give your child tasks that are appropriate for their age. It is very easy for us as parents to do it yourself to save time and argument but it does not do our children any good in the long run. Give them a choice of work, the tasks of trade among each other for combat boredom make the process fun and they will want to do the tasks. When they do a good job and also let them know if they do a bad job because they were in a hurry to let them know that too and they do it better next time.

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7. The Night Before – A great way to relieve stress in the morning is to do what you can the night before. Children can take a shower, lay their clothes out for the next day, have parents sign the record, get backpacks, jackets, and books together, and have been prepared in an accessible place.

8. Donate Toys – Having a child go through the toys and donate them or help them have a sales page and earn extra money.

9. Pick Up Time – Have kids use 5-10 minutes every day to pick up their room and this will save a lot of time when cleaning the room the day rolls around because they have stayed a bit in front of the chaos.

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10. Backpacks – Have kids backpack cleaning and washing or wipe them clean once a week. Throw all the papers that are no longer worth the effort and simply return the items needed for the week or the next day.


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