Clutter can make even the best home look messy and disorganized. It also causes stress and makes it difficult to find what you need, but the idea of ​​decluttering can seem excessive. By paring down your stuff, you can make your home more beautiful and functional at the same time reduce your stress levels.

Here are ten ways to help you conquer clutter in your home:

Think before you bring home the goods.

Having something that makes its way into your home, it may take up permanent residence. Be particular about what you bring home to avoid unnecessary purchases and limit what you buy for what you like or need.

Donations throughout the year.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year or during spring cleaning sessions to donate household items undesirable for charity, give the items throughout the year. Store shopping bags open and ready to store items such as clothes that you wear and the books you’ve finished and will not be read again.

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Take one item in, one item out rule.

Most people continue to accumulate more and more wealth for years. If you bring the items you do not really need to your home, be sure to donate, sell, or trash at least one thing that you own but do not love or use.

Take a photo of your home.

You may be accustomed to seeing the mess in your home, but taking photographs from different areas can help you see how much excess stuff you have. When you declutter a small area, take a new photo to compare and inspired to keep going.


Remove yourself from the mailing list.

Between junk mail and catalogs, chances are that you bring clutter to your home when you get your email. Calls to remove yourself from the mailing list, and if you still receive the item, keep a trash bag in the car to put them in so they do not make in your home.

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Emphasizing quality over quantity.

For birthdays and other gift-giving holidays, placing a high priority on the quality of what you give family members, not on quantity. And as you point out fewer – but better – a gift, the recipient might love your gift and are more likely to remember it afterward.

Taking the challenge of garbage bags.

Take a garbage bag around your home, try to fill it with stuff either toss or donate. Once it is filled, put it in the trash or take it to a thrift store to donate.

Do not buy things that will only be used once.

Buy items that you will use only a waste of space and money. If, for example, you need tools for home improvement projects but probably will not use it again, see if you can rent or borrow one from a neighbor.

Digitize old documents and photographs.

Scan old documents, photographs, children’s artwork, and other documents that you need to keep records. Back them on an external hard drive so that they will be saved and then damaged the sensitive documents.

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Customize the inside of cupboards and cabinets.

Most cabinets and closets do not efficiently maximize space. Creating these spaces work for you with shelves, baskets, lazy Susans, and other items that will help you stay organized.

Although conquering clutter your home can seem like an endless task, you will reap countless benefits as you start making progress on a home improvement project transformative.

Enjoy and have fun cleaning! 


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