Why A Mothers Touch is Different

A mother’s touch is different. Looks like dad always says, “asked your mother”. One thing about being a mother, touch of love, excitement, protection, and care comes naturally. These are just a few attributes that produce the touch of the mother. When your child hurts or doesn’t feel good – who he calls? Mother! Father can sit right next to your child. But nothing like a mother touches!

When you know that you will become a mother, you change physically and emotionally. Preparing for this new role challenging, most can be useful for you and your children. Along with the touch of a mother, we also have to plan to meet the needs of our children – financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

The Word of God has given us clear instructions to train our children.

Proverbs 22: 6 Train a child by the way he must leave, and when he is old, he won’t leave him. The touch of the instruction brought a big prize, but the mother was not easy! We cannot give up on small obstacles: we must be determined to be the best mother we can.

We cannot let challenges in life consume us. Find time to relax, read, enjoy a quick road, a soothing bath to keep your mind from the crowd, you meet in life. When you continue to apply God’s Word to your life, you will find your mind updated, and you will achieve victory!

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Once you become a mother, it’s very important to be there for your children. It is a must! Organize a career in addition to the first five years of life your child can give him the best start in life.

Remember that a touching mother is not like the others. One thing I know we will all agree is time can never be replaced; Money can always be obtained. Many things that we make the commitment are just another way to fill the emptiness in our lives. Applying the principles and teachings of the Word of God to give clear instructions and instructions to help us become the best mother. Jeremiah 29:11 Because I know my mind thinks of you telling God, the mind of peace and not a crime, to give you the future and hope.

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You come out of the motherly what you put in it. I saw many teenagers left to fight for themselves and it hurts me when I talk to them. I learned that they have no direction or value in their lives. Isn’t that sad? We cannot make reasons for the behavior of our children who are inappropriate. Indeed, there are some hard-willed children who need to be handled in accordance with the Word of God. Our children will sometimes bring disappointment and even rebellion, but one thing I learned is not to think about the problem, but to concentrate on the word and prayer. Also seeking advice from friends whose children reflect their child’s maintenance is a great added value. There are so many in our children we need to bring to see dreams and goals to produce results.

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It is determined that you will do everything you can do because it looks like our children seem to lead to their mother.


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