Board games involve pieces are placed or moved on a board of some kind, and in accordance with certain rules. There’s always a goal that a player aims to achieve the victory claim or move to the next step. board game involves thinking and planning for play

The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise, the more he could do. Researchers have confirmed that playing board games twice a week increases the value of your brain speed.

As the holiday approached and we started spending more time with friends and family, we challenge you to get rid of electronics and gather ’round for good old-fashioned board games. No matter what game you love to play, you will enjoy a break.

In addition to being fun, the game board also exercises your brain. Below are the best, top-rated games that families can play.


1. Spontuneous

Spontuneous is the best board game song at the time. First-timers maybe a bit skeptical, but anyone can play it. The rules of the game is simple and provide a lot of laughs and a chance for cross-generational interaction. Finding memory for old and new songs to fill your hitlist, and bring a song to the mind of the instructions of the other players both have been rated highly as pleasant by the player. While playing the game, you will have the opportunity to sing your favorite songs in front of family and friends, karaoke with a competitive twist!


2. Spot it!

Spot it! is an excellent game for all ages. Many adults who have played the game have been described to be fun and challenging. Parents have found this game will appeal to them and their children. The children have been fascinated for hours with various cards and symbols. A very good game to bring a car or on a plane when traveling with children, Eat it! will keep everyone occupied and entertained. You will continue to play for hours during the cries of “Again! Again!” last.

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3. Home alone board game

This game will bring back in the early 90’s pinch joy to the family. A strategy card game for 2-4 players from Big G Creative. The player can choose to be Kevin or wet bandits. Kevin is a creative character and thinks fast, and the wet bandits are antagonists miserable and unprepared. The goal is to plunder the wet Bandit accumulate while Kevin goal is to set traps to stop would-be thieves. Whatever role you take, the family will have endless fun playing this game.


4. Mastermind board game

The game is insanely simple to learn and very challenging to play. Players take turns setting and decode secret four-color. There are more than 2000 possible combinations, so each new game. the family will have fun while playing this game, and develop their problem solving skills to boot!


5. Monopoly junior game

We all loved as children Monopoly, Monopoly Junior allows you to introduce your kids to Monopoly with a twist. Instead of acquiring the property, you take ownership of different rides at amusement parks and other customer fees to ride the rides. House rules raise money when landing on ‘Free’ in the old game is now part of the rules of the ‘Loose Change’ spot. The game is geared towards children, but enjoyable by young and old alike. The game is paced well and is not difficult to learn.

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6. Clue

The clue is a mystery board, the best game of all time favored family. There is even a movie based on the game! set including boards, tokens, weapons, cards, miniatures, dice, and game guides. Murder has been committed and the player must eliminate suspects, locations, and weapons to solve the mystery. Clue reviewers have found to be interesting and said that solving the murder mystery never gets old.


7. Pandemic board game

Pandemic is a game with a twist. Instead of competing against other players, all players competing games. Everyone must work together, strategize, and work together to achieve goals. If you want to build teamwork in each group, a Pandemic board game is a game for you. The most interesting part of this game is that either you all win or lose.


8. Chess

For more than 1500 years, chess has become a game that teaches strategy, tactics, and critical thinking for generations. It takes a little effort to learn the moves of the pieces, and once that is mastered, it takes a lifetime to master the strategies and intricacies of the game. Chess has certain differences in board games, in that there is a chess tournament in the world with thousands of viewers, and the title and monetary awards to the winners. Chess is treated as a sport in many ways.

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9. Sequence game

There is a sequence of previous games, but this one is based on the strategy. This is the best overall and will be the next game the best family. The game is not complicated for children and full of tricks to challenge adults.


10. Settlers of Catan

You must add Catan in-game list of your favorite night. Its adventure-based, and is suitable for 3 or 4 players. Playing the game involves barter to gather the resources you need, and build settlements in Catan, which is an island. Settlements and territories you control give you a greater opportunity to gather more resources that could then barter with other players to increase your influence on the island. An interesting game with a lot of player interaction.

Have fun and enjoy it!

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