Being a mother is a blessing for a woman. It gives you a reason to live moments of your childhood again and added tons of happiness in your life. While enjoying your new life journey, you find a lot of people from your family, relatives of friends who supply free advice, especially if you are a new mom or going to become a mother. In some cases, people may inadvertently throw them some questions still some sword-like words hurt and give a deep sense of sadness that is completely unnecessary. So, if you are one of those people, think for a while before you say a word to another mother.

Remember, your words can sometimes make or break the individual days. Here are five things that you are not allowed to say to a new mom.

Yay, You Look Tired. 

Nights without sleep go hand-in-hand with parents, and unless the new mother’s life in a house without a mirror, he might see the bags under her eyes. Pointing out to him – even in a sympathetic manner – may make her feel self-conscious about her appearance.


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Your baby is very thin/fat or often ill

A very common type of conversation when you meet a friend or relative. But, the mother does not feel good to hear. It is not the fault of the mother. Every mother wants and puts her supreme effort to keep the baby healthy, fit, and strong. These words convey the feeling of a gap and failed to raise their children even though she gave her best in it.


Your baby He/she doesn’t look anything like you!

When a mother gives birth to a baby everyone starts to comment on the appearance of the baby. Oh! the baby looks just like his / her father or other family members, “Are you sure he/she is to you? “Then start laughing. It is not funny and good to hear Mom. Anyway, it has known many while giving birth. Giving no credit to her is to only make her discomfort mind your words before you speak to another mom.


Why You Still Look Pregnant

It’s a very common courtesy not to mention the women’s weight or physical form. But definitely keep it to yourself if it’s about a woman who just gave birth. You do not know what he may be dealing with inside and there are a lot of mental and physical changes women go through after having a baby. He may hate the postpartum body, and it can be the cause of her postpartum depression. On the other hand, she might actually love her new form and will be very offended by her with your comment.

If you look at your postpartum friend looking a little out of shape, it may not say so, you can ask her if she and the baby would like to join you in a nice stroll in the park. Or wait until he made the decision to start working out, and then asked if he wanted some company and encouragement.


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Aren’t You  Breastfeeding?

Some women do not have the ability to breastfeed. times more babies do not have the ability to breastfeed. And some women just do not want to breastfeed. But it’s okay.

All mothers know that there are many benefits to breastfeeding. It is jammed down our throats from the beginning of pregnancy. Breastfeeding is a very personal decision, and not every new mother has the desire, ability, or patience to breastfeed. There is no good reason to criticize a new mother about the way to feed her baby. 


#SuperMOM: Being a mother is really hard, period! So, at the end of the day, just make it simple! When you encounter a new mom, simply be nice and kind, and both you and the new mom will be happier and more fulfilled.

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