If your first baby was less than a year, you are about to experience your first Christmas as a mom. And believe us, it will be quite an experience.



Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, are you excited? Remember and preserve your baby’s first Christmas with these brilliant easy ideas keeping the memory of the baby, drawings, prints, wall stickers and so much more.


Start it with Christmas Wall stickers



A Christmas tree and Santa wall stickers will bring a joyful scene and festive to your baby’s nursery room. You can not very well hang ornaments from a wall, but you can stick with this wall sticker. 


Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Start your ornament collection little one off with a garnish for this first Christmas. You can usually find this kind of ornament whole. You can do a DIY that you can make your own ornaments for the baby, which brings us to the next street to celebrate


Make a cute Christmas Crafts.

Although babies can not make their own craft, they can help (sort of). The holiday is the perfect time to catch their adorable little hands and feet grow so fast.


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Creative Baby’s First Stocking.

Babies need their own stocking! Do you want something to match the rest of the family, personal, or a particular baby, there are many options for you.

Put a Christmas Lights and cute Santa Hats.

Absolutely, it will be the best corner to take a memorable picture for your baby’s first Christmas. 

Take a strand of Christmas lights bright and the hook, add a cute Santa hat and you have the makings of a seriously amazing picture to your baby.


Homemade handprint and footprint ornaments.

This is one of the easiest ways and very recommended to make it more memorable for your little one. For a baby, it’s easier to do it while eating or sleeping. These ornaments are easy and fun because you can make them with older children.


When you make an ornament for a baby, if you use the ornaments jumbo there is much room to make an impression in the hand on one side and a print on the other. You can use a brush to paint the foam brush on the hand or foot, and then hold it firmly and roll on the ornament. Wait to dry completely and add an ornament hanger!

First Christmas Family Picture.

Keep it magical and grab your cameras to take a picture around the christmas tree with the whole family. Taking a professional photos of your family is something that you will cherish forever and make a lovely Christmas or Happy Holidays card. Natural light in outdoor settings create stunning photos, but if you are more comfortable at home you can decorate your home in the holiday spirit for a perfect backdrop.


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Fun Baby Dress Up.

Christmas Day will not be the same without Santa clothes for babies, cute outfit will surely add adorability them and they will feel more comfortable as well. It is time to share gifts and spend quality time with the people who mean everything to us. This is the time to spread joy and cheer, to be with those we love, to sing songs about Jesus, about how blessed he came to us.

Introduce Santa for the very first time.

This iconic season moment is not to be missed and is a simple way to celebrate. Even if the baby will not remember or know that Santa Claus is, the memories will be great to look back and the photoshoot is just too cute to pass up!

Special Gift.

Make that first Christmas very special for the little angel on your holiday gift list. Festive costumes precious memories, ideas for gifts for adorable babies are sure to make this occasion even merrier.


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We came of age in our way, with our family traditions and values. While some have fond memories of their childhood Christmases, others mention this time of year with some skepticism. But the excitement of passing the first Christmas with our children is the same for everyone. Either you want him to experience the magic of your childhood or you swear that your child will have a better Christmas than you. In either case, having a child brings you back to a world of emotions that will believe that anything is possible!



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