For parents, this creates a unique situation in which the children will be at home much more than normal. Adjusting to new situations can be challenging, especially when it involves the uncertainty of the new virus, #covid19. Here are the five essential tools for children that can be used during the quarantine to stay connected and social.


We are all dealing with the effects of social distancing. Although we know it is very important to stay at home as much as possible during this global pandemic, the physical distance from friends and loved ones can be very difficult for people of all ages to handle. Children are not immune to this experience. Do children express or not, they do need interaction with other people for their social-emotional health.


Here are five easy ways for kids can stay connected and socially while social distancing:


Video Call

This is an ideal way to connect with family members and grandparents who do not live in your household. Make time stand each day or week for these connections can help to build a routine that takes a lot to everyone. There are many options to connect in this way. You can use FaceTime if you have an iPhone, a video feature on Facebook Messenger, an application called Houseparty, or a video conferencing platform called Zoom. If you use the Zoom, be sure to check out recommended privacy settings such as increase has no privacy issues with the recent Zoom.

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Virtual Classroom

Many of the places and organizations that previously provide your child with access to extra-curricular activities are now moving to online platforms. This gives your child a chance to see his beloved teacher, maintain skills, have fun, and see classmates.


We have seen the choice of organizations like the Boy Scouts, karate studio, dance studio, yoga studio, a cooking school, an art studio, gym, Sunday School, and more. It is also a great option to build a routine and continuity that can be comforting and soothing for children.


Messenger Kids (Facebook)

Messenger Kids from Facebook is an easy and safe way for young people to chat alone with their friends. You can reach the parents trusted friends your child to make the connection. The best part about this medium is that you can completely control the experience. As a parent, you are in control of what your child can talk to. You can also see all their messages. You will have a parent dashboard that allows you to monitor all activities of your kids Messenger. This is a great way to give kids the freedom to interact with their friends socially while they are protected from many of the most common online dangers and pitfalls.

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Social games

While you may not want your children to spend extended time on video games, certain games provide your child with the opportunity to interact with friends. This may be an option where you want to stay closer to occasionally check-in, but during this time of uncertainty, this could be a way to provide children with an exciting way to interact virtually. For children of primary school age, you can look into games like Roblox, Maker 2, and Mario. children older can do the same thing over and Fortnite Minecraft. It is also a very good option for children celebrating a birthday during the social distance.


Virtual Playdates

Preparing the planned time and medium to a virtual playdate with your child’s friends can be fun for kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers may need a parent nearby to help facilitate interaction with fun questions and activities planned or using the same toys and games. Children can speak freely or play more independently.

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Have a set start and end time can help with setting expectations. Planning with other parents to facilitate craft or art projects for children to work on at the same time through Skype or other forms of video conferencing can help children get used to interacting with one another, especially online. Other examples of interactions that are planned for playdates including storytime, Play-Doh, Charade, and freeze dance.


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