Smoking can affect the fertility of men and women. If you’re planning a pregnancy, stop smoking. This is necessary because the cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide gas, and harmful substances. All of those chemicals are harmful to your health and can make it difficult for you to get pregnant.


Smoking damages your ability to get pregnant

Smoking takes you longer to become pregnant than non-smokers. Non-smoker couples with unsafe sex can achieve a pregnancy within one year. But for smokers, the chances of pregnancy go down.

Smoking affects the fetus. After 12 months of trying, if you’re not pregnant, this could be an indication of infertility. Women who smoke are more likely to be infertile than non-smokers. Hazardous chemicals present in smoke damage eggs, hormone production, and fertility. Also, keep in mind smoke affects every stage of the reproductive process.

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Smoking also increases the chances of early miscarriage and stillbirth. The unexpected loss of a pregnancy could be a terrible event that will occur at any stage if you smoke. Smoking can also lower the success rate of fertility treatments, such as IVF. Quitting smoking will help you to achieve the best outcome of fertility treatments in India and increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous

Smoking at any time during your pregnancy at risk. Each puff of your cigarette smoke releases harmful chemicals that would put you and your unborn baby in danger. Smoking increases the risk of pregnancy complications, a number of which can be deadly for both mother and baby. Stop smoking and avoid smoke is one of the most effective things you can do for you and your baby.

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking during pregnancy

  • This increases your baby’s heartbeat.
  • This helps your baby’s lungs to develop properly.
  • This reduces the likelihood of miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • This reduces your chances of having a baby with low birth weight.
  • This reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • This reduces the risk of congenital defects of the mouth and lips to the baby.



It’s never too late to quit smoking. If you want to get pregnant, stop smoking and give yourself a better chance of a healthy start in life.


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