As far as pregnancy is an exciting time, it is also a time of tremendous physical changes, emotional and spiritual. Most women feel a mixture of emotions such as overwhelm, anxiety, happiness, and worry that it will be able to meet the demands of motherhood. Faced with all these intense emotions come all the bodily changes that most women do expect, as the first symptoms of pregnancy.


Most women feel a disease during pregnancy first quarter, we are commonly called “morning sickness.” Find a comfortable way to sleep is a big concern for pregnant women because you can not get into your normal sleeping positions. You will tend to be much hotter during pregnancy so make sure you have a fan unit or air conditioning. You do not want to sleep on your back or stomach after the fourth month so you’ll have to sleep on the side and spread your legs to make it more comfortable. Sleeping on the back of a major blood vessel constriction and it puts a lot of pressure on your back and your intestines that can cause hemorrhoids and constipation. Have a pillow between your legs or you wrap your arms will go to sleep a lot easier on your side.

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Sleeping on the left side will improve the circulation of blood and nutrients to the placenta. It also helps your kidneys to effectively remove fluids from your body that will allow you to bypass some of the things that cause swelling of your feet. If you get cold at night, it is allowed to use an electric blanket but make sure you do not let your body temperature get above 100 degrees or you can cause damage to your baby.

You will find yourself need to go to the bathroom more often and having to get up several times during the night is almost inevitable. Limit your intake of water 2 hours before going to bed Have some lights on dimmers or night lights in the bedroom or bathroom it will keep your body in sleep mode and it will be easier to stay in standby mode.

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You will find your mind is racing reflection on the new baby and the change will have on your life, try to practice some mindfulness techniques before bedtimes, such as meditation, journaling, or some gentle restorative yoga. If you still can not get to sleep then get up and do something else until you are tired enough to go back to bed


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