Chances are when you first moved into your home, you are very happy with all the closet space you seem to have, but now that you have to stay there for a while, if you want to know if you really have all the space you think first you do? Can you still see the floor in your closet, or you have to spend some time throwing clothes, shoes, books, and side wallets to find it? The old adage is true, the more space that you find in your home, the more stuff you think you have to buy to put into it! This is doubly true when it comes to your closet space.

For many people, their cabinets not only hold their clothes and accessories but whatever they did not have room for as well. You may be surprised to find how much stuff you actually have in your closet when you start trying to clean it out and organize it. Some people even end up saving their Christmas decorations in their closet, because there is no better place. Even if you have to put stuff in your closet that does not really belong there, it does not have to be a cluttered mess!

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When you decide it’s time to organize your closet, the first thing you should do is take each item out, and decide whether or not you really need to stay. If you have something that you have not seen in a few years, or clothes you no longer wear, whether there is really no point in having them taking much-needed closet space? Have a yard sale or donate items to a local charity, just do something to get them out of your house. Once you’ve weeded out the items you do not need to keep, organize everything else. Make a pile of summer clothing, shoes, purses, books, beds, etc. When you are finished viewing your stack, so you can get an idea of ​​how much space you need to accommodate them. This will help you determine what type of closet organizer you need to buy and install.

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You can add shelving units, cubbies, hooks, drawers, etc. into your closet to add more storage space. Anything you can think of, you can find a closet organizer is designed like that. It’s all a matter of determining what you need, find it, and install it.

If you end up with more space than you need, turning it into extra storage space, rather than disrupt it back again. If you keep everything organized and take the empty space with storage items, you will tend to pile it all back again. Remember, your goal is not only to organize and clean out your closet but to keep it that way as long as possible!

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