Hey mama, mum, mommy, etc and don’t forget that you are awesome! There’s nothing wrong with caring for yourself mama because actually, this is the time to stop putting yourself as the last and embrace the importance of self-care for YOU.


To remain an extraordinary mother, you must set aside time for self-care and much-needed TLC.

In fact, you should consider practicing a self-care plan – yes – that means time “written in stone” for YOU.

You cannot take care of your family if you run out of money. Period.

Mother is really the busiest person in the world, agree right?

Every day we work, cook, clean, organize, lead, plan, chauffer, and somehow unite families.

So praise all mommies out there and thank you for being awesome!


Do you want to be a good mom? So please take care of yourself! Here are some tips for you:

Date a Friend.

Our friends will always be part of our lives but the truth is we don’t often see them. Call and text are good to keep the friendship but of course, seeing them personally will definitely be a happy time for our bestie.

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A girl chat and having some coffee or wine once a month keeps you excite, refresh to reconnect to the outside world.


Enjoy a bathroom alone.

Funny but it’s true, taking a bath alone as a mom is like a great 20mins vacation and a great time to rest.

To think the bathroom might not be the first place that you consider a hot-spot for Moms, surprisingly you will soon find ways that this cold and dirtiest-looking house can be a great hiding place for her. A little privacy for moms and not entirely related to just filling her personal cleaning products, bathing or painting her toenails.

So mommies, enjoy your bath time!


Stay fit, do a regular exercise.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states. ~
Carol Welch”

But moms are too busy and this is impossible, right? So, to have a healthy body and mind, practice this every day and do it as routine to find enjoyment to exercise every day, challenge your own self. You can use Youtube to get a free workout video and enjoy it with your children. And go for a walk for about 5-15 minutes.

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Stay fit moms!

Exercise will make you fit and reduces stress-free. This is a great combination of self-care for a super busy mom.


Good Food.

There is no food that can cure, but a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can make you enchanted when you want to fill you up, energize your body, and generally help you feel the best.

Don’t forget the full breakfast, because the morning meal gives you strength and energy throughout the day. Drink tea instead of coffee and during the day try drinking lots of water. It would be awesome to make a menu for the whole week.


Stay beautiful.

As our days go by we are too busy looking at our family’s needs, we almost forget our own self. Whether you’re a working mom or one a stay at home mom, you want to look your best and you don’t have much time to do it. So, in this case, always have a little time to dress up.

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This is important mommies, let’s all stay beautiful, sexy and hot. Healthy skin, hair, and teeth are the basis for looking good, so caring for yourself from the inside out is important.


Your Feelings.

Being a mom we can give our caring for the emotions of others, we can easily overlook their thinking.

Recognizing what is happening and taking the time to talk to someone about it can be very healing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to other people. You are not perfect and sometimes expressing emotions is the only way to overcome them.

Remember these mommies – Self-care is the belief that you deserve a healthy and pleasant life.


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