Admit it, you are kinda obsessed. You enjoy and love making cards, albums, and keepsake craft with stickers, paper, and decorate to preserve your family memories. But the problem comes when you need to organize your scrapbooking and papercraft supplies.

Sometimes collage craft creative mass. You start with a small project and carefully store all your supplies in a neat box. Then, the next thing you know, all your supplies have taken over your home, and you’re finding craft supplies everywhere from the garage to the bathroom cabinet.

How are crafters to keep the paper, decoration, stickers, page protectors, tape, pens, stencils, and scissors neatly so as a not jumbled mess?

So here you go – here are some tips to organise your scrapbooking supplies:

Tackle one step at a time. If you have been scrapbooking for a while you may have accumulated a mountain of paper. Seeing the mountain craft supplies can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

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Take 15 minutes at a time to work on it. You will be surprised to see the progress even busy moms can make.

Choose a great place. Taming the creative clutter by choosing a particular space, ‘a table or a place where all of your scrapbooking supplies will be stored.

Sorted into categories. Get containers to sort your papers, stickers, borders, etc to. Keep the paper you plan to use. Throw paper that is too small, or you no longer need. And donate unwanted paper but can be used for a group of local elementary school or youth.

You can save them by “type” and also with “themes”. For example, all the baby scrapbooking items can go together in one drawer. Vacation scrapbooking supplies in another and so on.

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Mini stackables easy to store and keep you organized scrapbook paper. You can set it beside the desk or table. It is also stashed neatly out of sight in a cupboard. Label

Have a good place for everything and put everything in its safe place. Have labels on each bin and drawers make it easy to put stuff away when you are finished with them. Take the extra time after completing scrapbooking pages to put stuff away.

Once you create a system of what goes where it’s much easier to stay organized. Look around your craft room and you will see how the cleanroom makes you inspired to make and you will not have to go and purchase back any supplies because you can not find them!

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Hoping this article helps you to organise your scrapbooking. Just enjoy, be creative, and happy scrapbooking!


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