Sunlight serves an important purpose in the human body. It promotes good health and plays a major role in the production of vitamins are very important; vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for healthy growth, normal bone.

When you and your baby emerge blinking from the hospital security to the outside world for the first time, you are almost guaranteed to start questioning yourself. Most of whether you do anything to keep your baby safe and sound worthwhile. One of the first questions you might if and when you first can expose your new baby is precious sunlight.

Here are the healthy benefits of sunlight for a newborn:

Vitamin D. It is one of the biggest benefits your baby will get sun exposure. Our bodies need vitamin D; and to make it, the body requires a minimum of 15 minutes of UV light every day, depending on the baby’s skin color – darker-skinned babies need more time in the sun, but it should not exceed 30 minutes. Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium, which in turn strengthens bones and teeth. The immune system works efficiently, and the body is protected from the disease.

Benefits of Serotonin Levels. Sunlight is known to increase serotonin production when babies receive the necessary amount. Serotonin, which is often called the ‘happy hormone’, enhancing the feeling of happiness and security. Serotonin regulates sleep and digestion in infants.

Increased Insulin Levels. Receiving sun from an early age can help prevent conditions like diabetes to a certain extent. Although not the only facilitator of insulin levels are good, it is definitely an added advantage as the vitamin D in the body helps manage insulin levels. A healthy diet and exercise during the growing years of a child can be very helpful in keeping diabetes in check.


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Enhanced Energy Levels. When newborns exposed to natural sunlight, it helps regulate the production of melatonin. melatonin levels in babies can affect sleep patterns, which are very important in the early years of the newborn


. Sunlight causes a dip in levels of melatonin and serotonin increase, thereby increasing energy levels.

Treatment for Jaundice or Yellowing of the Skin. Sunlight helps break down bilirubin – a yellowish substance that occurs naturally in the catabolic pathway – so the baby’s liver can process more easily. Uncontrolled growth of bilirubin can cause yellowing of the skin of newborn babies. Expose your baby early morning sun for 15 to 20 minutes, naked, on a daily basis, can help with mild jaundice. Severe cases, however, will require more attention.

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