Have you ever stopped to think about your overall approach to parenting?

Find out whether your parenting style works for you and your children, and remember that every child is different.

1. The Too Busy-Mom.

Too Busy-Mom is always on the go, rushing from work to the gym, to store, to baseball practice, dentist and social activities. schedule – and consequently schedule for their children – is jam-packed with obligations and leaves little room for spontaneous fun or relaxation.

While Too Busy-Mom is fantastic at exposing children to new experiences through classes, team participation, and other activities, she may not take the time to really connect with her family in a simple way.

2. The Overprotective Mom.

Overprotective Mom’s primary focus is on the physical, mental, spiritual, and sometimes their social welfare. He is worried about the possible negative outcome of every situation; his “childproofing” goes way beyond the past.

An overprotective mother is a champion for the health and safety of his children, and information about possible dangers that children face in the real world. On the other hand, he can prevent their children from experiencing life, teaching them to “play it safe” when life requires us to take a risk now and then.

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3. The Best Friend.

The Best Friend Mom has a hard time saying “no” to their children. Either because he believed in their autonomy or because he wants to avoid confrontation, the Best Friend Mom chose not to restrict their children and avoid punishment at all costs.

While Best Friend Mothers often able to create a paradise in the house, where children feel safe to be who they are and try new things, lack of boundaries and the consequences can be really children’s stress and set them up for a lifetime of behavior irresponsible.


4. The Dictator.

The Dictator Mom has first and final say about anything and everything, and never questioned or challenged. He knows what is best for his family, and will not hear arguments to the contrary.

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While Dictator Mom was confident in her parenting abilities, values, and public decision-making, parenting style she can make her children feel as though they do not have a voice in their own homes.


5. The Overachiever.

The overachiever mom runs his family like a business, complete with a to-do list, calendar, and detailed instructions for the basic activities. The goal is a success for all members of his family, and he gave up a lot to make it happen.

The overachiever mother arranged and helps to keep the family running smoothly. However, his goals for kids may not be consistent with the aspirations of their own, and their children may feel stuck in his way or worried they would let him down if they choose another.

There are positives and negatives about each parenting style, and there are times when we have to authority, have an eye on the future of our children, into the trust, protect them from harm, and the schedule of activities for them.

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But what we really need to recognize is how our parenting styles can affect each of our children. What might work for one child may not work for others. One child can thrive under your style, while others may react negatively to what you bring as a parent.

No matter what your style of parenting is, just be aware of that will help you to become a better parent.


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