Moving to a new house is the perfect time for a fresh start. Unfortunately, it is also the time you will spend overwhelmed, overworked, and under the bed. You will be rushed off your feet trying to get everything organized. Mind packed up all that you have to bring to a new house can be overwhelming but it is really an opportunity. Remember that it is best to not bring more than you need from the old home to your new home.



If you do not like it, then this is your chance to let it go. It’s not often you go through everything you have in this way, so take the opportunity to really assess what is important and what is foreign. Whenever you take something to put in bubble wrap and packed in a box, consider whether you might be happier throw. Remember, you can do this again as you unpack. Look at everything as you take it and consider whether something that you really need in your new home. charity shops and thrift stores are your friends. Take old clothes you never wear, that furniture that does not quite fit, and their kitchen utensils you have been longing to replace either directly to the nearest cause receives a donation.

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Packages that are not important First

Whether it’s a collection of a shot glass that you love so much or valuable antiques you stay behind the vault door, whatever you do not use in your day to day life has to be packed up and unpacked the last first. The most important item to pack first and then gradually pack more and more things that you do not need. Remember that this first wave of the pack may have the most destroyed.


Last Pack is First to Describe

It’s the last thing you pack will probably be the first thing you unpack. These are the things that you are using absolutely every day, no matter what. You need a place to sleep, where to eat, and a shower where you can clean up. Once you have the need to move, you can take it easy to dismantle unimportantly.


Staging Area Select Display

Before the move, selecting the staging area. Hopefully, you will not move all of its own; more hands make less work after all. That said, the friends you’ve found to help most likely will not know your new home as well as you do, and will not know exactly where you want things to go. You may not know that you, in fact. Choose a room that is relatively central but also are not important (the family room is often a good choice) to be used as a staging area for you to unpack. Each box you carry away to the central staging area first and then you can be sure that it will be where it really should go.

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Unpacking your plan

The other thing is the actual action plan unload. There are many things to consider when you unload. Do you have a hardwood floor? Then the first thing you should probably unload the carpet to protect the finish. Do you have renovations planned? You may want to consider leaving their rooms in the box until you are finished. You may prioritize different rooms depending on the wishes and needs immediately. If you want to have a housewarming party soon, then get a living and dining room set will be much more of a priority.

Moving is always a stressful time, but also an opportunity. It’s time to clear trash from your life and make a fresh start. What do you take or choose not to take can help reduce the stress of moving? In addition, planning is not just what to move but how and when you move can help prevent mix-ups and minor faults that might disturb you move otherwise. With just a little thought, you can reduce stress and make the move came the opportunity to declutter, all in one motion.

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