Ever since parents have been fulfilling the important responsibility of rearing their children effectively.

Parenting is considered to be a universal phenomenon where parents try to instill in their children all the qualities and behavior that is necessary to transform them into better human beings while allowing them to have a secure future at the same time.

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Like other things, the contemporary era has exercised a profound influence on the ways parents have been upbringing their children. This era, which is predominantly the era of millennials, has gone a long way in shaping the future of parenting. The traditional ways of parenting seem to be outdated, as the millennial parents use more sophisticated and effective techniques to raise their children. Statistics reveal that 90 percent of the parents today are millennials and the numbers are still on the rise.

“Millennial generation” or simply the millennials are comprised of a generation who were born between the early 1980’s and late 1990’s (according to Merriam Webster)and it constitutes 90 percent of the parents today.


Let us throw some light on different ways which the millennials apply to raise their children.

(One-size-fits-all approach is no more valid)

Millennial parents believe in adopting appropriate and viable ways, depending largely on the mentality of their children. The one-size-fits-everyone approach has been dismissed by the parents for being obsolete and antiquated. They are of the view that children must be dealt with according to their nature and age.

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Moreover, such parents believe that the goal of rearing strong, creative, and independent children can be achieved through various parenting methods and techniques.


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(The role of internet in this technology-driven world)

Today people have easy access to eBooks and the internet which allows them to seek all the necessary information that is required in the positive upbringing of the children. Internet and literature have facilitated the parents in attaining the desired outcomes.

Social media has penetrated deep into our lives. People enjoy staying connected with their loved ones and are least reluctant in sharing their pictures and accomplishments. Social media has made great strides in increasing the “interconnectedness”.


(Challenging old norms and embracing new ones)

The millennials have challenged the conventional and traditional norms by readily accepting the new ones. Such parents have devised well-thought strategies that are in the best interest of their children. They have dismissed all those ways which are no more effective and influential in raising their children.

Furthermore, millennials have rejected the traditional prevailing notions about marriage. The parents have laid great emphasis on getting married before having children.

( Children come first)

Millennials are quite eager to put their children first. They show a renewed and visible intent to rear their children effectively. They treasure the time spent with the family and accord great significance to it. Rearing children, they believe, is more important than relationships and living life to its fullest. Considering the importance of child-rearing, the parents now try to spend maximum time along with their families.

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(Easy access to the internet and the increasing influence of social media)

With easy access to the internet and other technological gadgets, parents today find it easy to search for anything that would help them to inculcate good qualities in their children. The Internet is inundated with information that can play a massive role in the upbringing of the children. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram have made instant communication exceedingly easy. The Internet is rich in information and it is for the parents to decide what will work for their children while ignoring what is irrelevant.


(Millennial parents are adopting a simple and relaxed approach)

Millennials are adopting new strategies and approaches that are quite different from those in the past. They believe that treating the kids with love and care would do a world of good to them. Such parents are firmly convinced that children do need ample space for their learning and growth. Furthermore, millennials are adopting a unique and democratic fashion where the decision is made after mutual consent and discussion between parents and children. They are training their children to have a deep sense of empathy and concern for other people which will help them in developing stronger and long-lasting bonds with their fellow beings.

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(Gender-neutral parenting)

Gender-neutral parenting seems to be the new trend that has gained currency in recent years. In this type of parenting, parents are largely convinced that gender is a social construct and they would refrain from imposing gendered stereotypes on them after birth.


(Millennial parents are unaffiliated with religion)

Various reports tell that millennial parents are less religious as compared to the previous generations. These parents find themselves detached from the religion and they confess that they have never attended a religious gathering with their families.

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