Make Self-Care a Priority

How to Make Self-Care a Priority

There are many responsibilities in life that can keep you from taking care of yourself. Taking a step back and inhaling deeply is one way to center your spirit, but it should become a habit for everyone. Even if you’ve never tried self-care before, this is how you can do it. You can use these tips to treat yourself to healing practices regardless of your schedule or budget.

Find out what it means.

When you don’t know what self-care is, it’s difficult to get into it. It is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as promoting health and disease prevention through fundamental lifestyle changes and principles. Community involvement, personal hygiene, and improving your living conditions are just a few examples of how to begin living a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

Include lotions in your daily routine.

Make time for self-care by doing something small every day, such as applying lotion. You may have dry skin if it doesn’t retain moisture or if it lacks essential vitamins. Try new ways to care for your skin, such as wearing moisturizing socks or applying shea butter lotion.

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Make sure your medications are up to date.

If you take prescription medications, learning more about them is an important part of your self-care routine. Check to see if any of them accelerate sun damage so you can protect your skin this summer. Self-care isn’t always affordable or recurring. Reading up on your medications and taking the necessary precautions to protect your skin is sometimes the best thing you can do.

Disable your notifications.

Self-care is also beneficial to your mental health. To give yourself a few minutes or hours of peace, turn off your phone notifications at the same time every night. When you receive a text or email notification, it disrupts your brain’s natural hormone production, causing an imbalance. The mind is literally healed by silence.

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Get in the habit of saying no.

People with big hearts and a determined spirit are prone to overworking themselves. If you’ve ever stayed up late finishing a project or skipped meals to assist a friend, saying no might be the best self-care habit for you. Learn when to draw the line to save yourself time and stress.

Take a breather, eat a good meal, and get some rest. Once you’re in a positive frame of mind and properly fueled, you’ll be ready to take on your responsibilities. Say no to anything that makes you want to work until you’re exhausted. You can always come back to whatever needs to be addressed later.

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Today, make time for self-care.

When you use quick tips like these, it’s simple to make time for self-care. It only takes a minute to say no, take care of your skin, and even check your prescriptions. You’ll feel healthier and stronger every time you practice these habits because you took care of yourself.



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