Australian animals you should know about.

There are so many interesting animals in Australia! Four of the five animals that live in Australia can only be found there.

Here’s the videos for easy step by step on HOW TO DRAW a Koala, Platypus, Emu, Wombat, and Kangaroo. Kids enjoy this video and learn to be a great artist! Have fun!


Australian animals fun facts:

KOALA – Koalas are marsupials, which means they are mammals that carry their children in a bag. They look like a koala bear cute but definitely not a bear!

PLATYPUS – platypus is a very shy animal and quickly hides the water if approached. If they are attacked and can not escape, however, they inject venom through spurs on their hind legs. Poison so powerful it can kill a dog!

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WOMBAT – one of Australia’s native animals is the wombat. These burrowing animals can get really heavy and can weigh up to 36 kg / 80 lbs. It is as much the child weighs 10 years!

Wombat can be quite common to be seen in the Blue Mountains National Park near Sydney. Wombat eating grass, tips shrubs, and bushes.

EMU – Emus strong defensively with a strong kick. Their name is derived from the Portuguese word ’ema’ which means a large bird.

KANGAROO – is a large marsupial found only in Australia. They are identified by their muscular tails, strong back legs, large feet, short hair, and long, pointy ears. Like all marsupials, a sub-species of mammals, females have a bag that contains the mammary gland, where they live young until they are old enough to appear.

Do not just stop at pictures of animals, be sure to explore some aspects of Australia as well!

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