Like the others, the holiday season has been influenced by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time to be creative this year and come with some new traditions so we can save each other when we go to the new year. This season!


Prepare a Christmas breakfast

Gift opening requires a lot of energy, and you want to refuel afterwards with a delicious breakfast. Try one you can set up the night before so what you have to do on Christmas morning is appearing in the oven.


Decorate as far as possible

You will spend a lot of time at home this holiday season, so you might make your room the amazing winter of your dreams. Set the budget and take some new decorations or open your craft place and make some DIY.

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Send DIY Christmas Card

This year has been challenging for everyone, and a wholehearted Christmas card and handwriting is a sentimental way to show the people you have thought about.


Make a Christmas mask

You can make this cute mask from the paper plate for fun Christmas crafts. And after it’s finished, you can use it to take a photo booth photo-booth to commemorate the vacation.


Mail gifts for loved ones

If you don’t see certain loved ones this year because of security problems, make sure to send them gifts by mail to show them that they are in your mind. You will never be wrong with something edible.


DIY Photobooth

Your Instagram game with shooting at home can be made more Jolly with several props at the point.

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Virtual party

Just because you can’t be together directly doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends and family at Christmas. Send everyone zoom links and host your party online. Make sure you have several games and beginner conversations are also ready.


Prepare a festive dinner

Dinner is the main event on Christmas. And just because you have fewer people to feed this year does not mean you have to give it a little effort. Determine the previous menu and make sure you have all the ingredients needed to collect the right party.


Use Christmas Pajamas

There is nothing more cozier than the cozy Christmas pajamas pair – bonus points if the whole family matches.

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Prepare Night Christmas Games

Night family matches are always a good idea and will be more special when you play under the lights flashing from your tree.


Create a Christmas drive-thru lamp show.

In many fields, you can see charming Christmas lights displayed through Drive-Thru. This ensures a safe look and minimizes a large crowd.


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