Help Your Baby Walk

Baby increasingly active as developing his muscles and he got the strength to move on its own. Little one began to wander around, crawling on all fours, he tried to stand up when he saw an object up high, reaching for it with his hands and a lot of other funny movements.

These are all signs that your baby is ready to learn to walk and that he needs to move to fulfill his desire and curiosity. You can help teach your baby to learn to walk by stimulating abilities.


Pre-Walk Exercises For Babies

First and foremost, you need to help your baby strengthen postural muscles if he is to stand alone, which is a major step toward running. Here are some exercises to prepare for your baby’s first steps:

  • Hold him face down on his stomach and play the ‘best’ – the baby will tend to strengthen the body, so that the working of his postural muscles;
  • When you are ready to drop him after holding him in your arms, hold him down on the bed or chair for him to stretch his legs, and slowly lowered him down in a way that he would try to stand on its own. When he is tired, lower it gently. Playing with him while doing this so that he does not feel hard training and physically tiring;
  • Playing a bike: gently grab the ankle while he lay on his back and move them as a child would be if he was riding a bicycle. He will resist your movements to try to find and impose its own rhythm, you will need to respect because it helps him a leg muscle tone;
  • Do not exercise when the baby walking shoes: baby develops better motor skills and more protected than a sprain when he was barefoot.
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Teach Your Baby To Walk

Babies typically begin running when they’re around a year and a half old, with some fast walking, others later. Do not force your baby to walk, he would stand on his own two feet when he feels the time is right. But you can stimulate him.

Stretch your arms out and call him to you: your bundle of joy will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Dingle favorite toy on it: he will try to stand up to reach in and grab it.

Every now and then, keep him from under the armpits and let him touch the ground with his legs and help him support himself his stand on them.

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Another useful to play the game to help your baby walk is the one with the ball, where you roll around on the floor and the baby went after that to reach it. This will not only develop the muscles but also their coordination.


Before you start helping your baby to learn to walk, to make sure there is no risk him hurting himself:

  • Furniture should have a drawer that can and must be locked with a key;
  • The furniture must be fixed, not on the wheel;
  • No long curtains on the curtain that the baby can pull and injure himself;
  • There are no sharp objects around; – The doors open outwards.
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