How to Have a stunning Classroom Style?

It would be great to have a classroom that can brighten the day of your students whenever they come to school. 

These DIY wall decor will simply blow your mind. Calling all Teachers to read our awesome DIY for your classroom. Just not at all, because the nail does not work on the cement wall.

Hey Teachers, do you have a cement wall in your classroom? If so, you may find yourself confused by how to decorate, hang student work, and just make you feel a little cozier class and a little less institutional. We searched the Web to find hacks best teachers to the classroom walls cement, and here are some of the best ideas we came in.


So here are the top 10 awesome DIY to decorate your classroom.

  1. Refresh and add a non-toxic Fabric Wall Stickers to your kindergarten classroom. 
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Sticking letters and numbers on the wall is very suitable for a kindergarten classroom. It shows beautifully and knowledgeable for young students. They can simply remember and understand the looks of each alphabet. 


You can choose a  wall decal sets with animals and alphabet fabric wall stickers will make learning interesting to students and look fabulous at the same time. 


How to use: Super easy to decorate this wall stickers, simple stick and peel. Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as plain cement wall, painted walls or ceiling, wallpaper, cupboard, furniture, glass, metal, even in the bathroom.


2. Let’s show them a Fun Clock – Learning Time. Let the manual clock of your classroom be more fun and exciting to your little students, it’s because it will be hard for them to understand it. This is a great too for teacher and decorate the wall clock more creative, colorful, and educating. Get a clock that also tells you minute is perfect for kids.

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3. Class Upcoming Birthday Celebrants. Just like any calendar, Birthdays are a blast in kindergarten! Quickly snap a picture up on our festive birthday board!

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  1. DIY Inspiring Quote: Welcome students with inspirational quotes written on the front door of your classroom. Quote would certainly encourage them to do good deeds.
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5. Colorful Reusable Sheet or Cards. No more boring wall with this colorful laminated sheets of card stock and hot-glue them to create colorful frame will be a creative wall corner of the classroom.

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You will just need the following: Hot glue, hot glue, laminator, construction paper, clothepins.


6. Lego Design. Thinking of decorating your classroom wall? Your students are in for a treat if they love Lego.

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7. A colorful bulletin board to turn your class!

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8. Paint the border wall with chalkboard paint.

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9. Stencil simple, inspirational message at the top of the door.


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10. Use ribbon and tissue paper to create a rainbow on the wall.

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Now, it’s time for you to get creative! Go ahead and try to implement the ideas of this class decoration in your class!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas decorating a better classroom that can be implemented! Also, share ideas decorating the classroom with other teachers to inspire them!


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