With all the options available and trends in nursery design, not a baby nursery should be a traditional affair, pastel colors. If you like modern design, we have compiled a collection of baby nursery ideas that are cool enough for baby to love and concerned adults to appreciate the design too.

When creating a nursery that is practical, safe, and will look great as a baby grows, keep in mind the following tips:

Add dimmer lighting. It is an easy project that will allow you to adjust the atmosphere of the room as needed


  • Select durable, washable fabrics and carpets that can be easily cleaned
  • Choose pieces of furniture that can evolve from kindergarten to the room of a teenager
  • Think safety and placement of furniture the baby starts to become mobile. Some good ideas for baby-proofing and include coverage of wall sockets, keeping the bed away from the window treatments and cords and place valuables on higher shelves
  • Focus on creating a clean nursery with plenty of storage options that make cleaning while maintaining an easy baby
  • Leave plenty of floor space for a baby can have hours of recreation floor


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Here are our sassy favorite baby nursery ideas:


Cozy  Nursery Theme. 

When deciding on your baby’s nursery theme, bold and committed to your theme. Using elements of the theme on the walls, in the accessories and the rest of the decor. That is what makes so many nursery ideas displayed in the gallery to show so interesting.


Get a comfortable, cute and cool crib.

When choosing a crib, there are many new models and modern choose. Try something new or different, like an oval crib.

Consider using a crib that converts into the first crib when a crib is outgrown. And because the crib is the element most used in a nursery, the order in advance. Delays occur, damaged beds during the delivery process and want to give you the time needed to unforeseen delays.


Spice up your Wall by using Fabric Wall Stickers

If you intend to improve the look of your room, there’s no better way to do that than to decorate with wall decals. Why wall stickers? Well, wall stickers are fun and unique. They come in different colors, patterns, and textures and therefore there are many different options for everyone. Fabric wall stickers are one of the best ideas to decorate a wall to a nursery room. Very safe to use and eco-friendly (Non-PVC product). 


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Less is More Pleasant. 

If you are looking for baby nursery ideas for small rooms, your main priority should be to maintain a simple décor and avoid clutter implement all the beautiful gardens ideas of children you’ve been collecting.

It will not be an easy task, so try to focus on one central room, which will hold the stage together, such as oversized beds or a large piece of artwork.

The end result should be adapted to children instead of children, which means you have to work with neutral background colors and accessories that will stand the test of time.


Safety First.

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Now the nursery you start coming together, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about the inhabitants of a small one. Are you a baby-proofed room for your baby’s room? Stocked in nursery needs, such as diapers and wipes? Know what to do with all the sweet little outfit? If not, you may need a little help getting organized.

Designing a nursery room of your dreams is not just about choosing a cute theme and examine the color of the paint. While it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun things that you need to spend as much time making sure it is a safe space for your baby. The home accidents sent nearly 2 million children under the age of 4 to the emergency room each year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. So before your new baby moves in, prepare a secure baby room that can’t harm your little one.




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