After purchasing your first small, cozy apartment, it may be stressful when trying to squeeze in all the essentials. However, occupying the space is easier than it seems–in fact, you can build a kingdom of hacks and pack a variety of items inside a tiny space. See below for eight secrets to filling your new living space with everything you need, sans feeling cramped and claustrophobic.


Tip #1: Hang your towels on the back of your door.

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Rather than piling up your shelves or covering your floors with this post-shower necessity, installing hooks on the backs of doors is a hassle-free hack allows for more room.


Tip #2: Put your air mattress on top of several milk carts.

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Not only will the carts give your mattress a boost of elevation, but they can be used as extra storage units as well.

Tip #3: Turn your old drawers into shelves.

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By flipping former drawers vertically, they can transform into compartments capable of stowing miscellaneous objects.



Tip #4: Use every corner of space.

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Take advantage of every nook and cranny of your room rather than focusing all items towards its center. For example, a pole can be placed in the corner by the door that can hang your hat or clothes.


Tip #5: Disguise your side table as a desk.

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If your side table is wide, add books, pens, and any other office essentials for an easy-to-assemble desk. Including a lampshade for late-night studies will complete the transformation.


Tip #6: Add drawers under your bed.


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Installing pull-out cabinets underneath your bed will not only look aesthetically appealing but save an abundance of closet space.

Tip #7: Add a hamper at the back of your door. 


Pop-up hampers with hooks attached can easily be hung on the back of doors, allowing for more space at the bottom of your closet for shoes.

Tip #8: Use your closet door as a shoe rack.

Photo by FresHOUZ

Photo by FresHOUZ

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By adding a shoe organizer with pockets, your door can double as a shoe rack, keeping your soles clean and maintaining a sense of organization within your wardrobe.



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