You will be pleased to know that there are a ton of ways to have fun for you and your children to have a home without breaking the bank. All you need is a little imagination.

Laying electronics, gather your family, and yourself entertained with some great ideas.


Have Fun With Boxes

If you have old boxes around the house, you can use it to do all sorts of things! small box can be turned into a doll house, the cars for a stuffed animal, or a mini-city. If you can get your hands on a large furniture or boxes of tools, you can even make a cool fort! Helping children with any cutting and assembly needs to be done, then let them go wild decorating their work.


Make Homemade Slime

One thing is for sure, no matter how long children may be, they still love mucus. It is easy to make and is a fun project that will keep them busy for hours. You can make slime by mixing 1/4 cup of water, a box of cornstarch and a little food coloring.

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Want to make it more realistic? Mix 4 ounces of white glue bottle, cup and a half of water, a teaspoon of Borax, and eight drops of food coloring. Then, let the children go squish!


Download Activity Sheet

If you have some crayons, markers, or colored pencils handy, you have an almost unlimited choice of activities. Doing a quick search online for printable activity pages. Stick to the coloring and object search for young kids, and look for crossword puzzles, word search, or even Mad Libs to keep children who are older entertain.


Family plan Game Night

A great way to encourage bonding is to plan weekly family game night. Be sure to choose age-appropriate games that everyone can enjoy. Pull out the board game classic, dust deck of cards, or get creative with games such as hangman, Pictionary or charades.


Together cook

Take time to teach your kids to cook, and they will have skills that will remain with them throughout their lives. Be sure to keep it fun and light, so it does not feel like a chore. You may even want to ask your kids what dishes they would like to learn how to cook. This will help ensure that they get excited about it.

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Create a Vision Board

If you have old magazines or catalogs around the house, using it to create a collage or vision board. Ask the children to think about what they want their life to look like when they grow up and they found an image that represents their vision. Not only will inspire them, but you can learn something new about them as well.


Having hunt

A hunt is also a fun way to keep everyone busy for an hour or two. If it was a beautiful day, try nature-themed hunting, sending them out to look for things such as v-shaped sticks, pebbles, and flowers.

In the room, you can have kids looking for something with color, or add a number of household items to the list. You may send them to find a granola bar, tongs, chewing gum, and a hair tie. For children who are older, you can also add some puzzles they must solve before they know what they need to find. If you do not feel very creative, doing a quick online search, and you will find lots of printable scavenger hunt worksheet different.

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Use your imagination to Even More Family Fun at Home!

Now that you have some ideas, you will never have to worry when you hear the words “I’m bored!” Think and use your imagination. You are sure to come up with a more enjoyable, family-friendly activities that will keep everyone entertained.

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