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Is your home full of things you don’t need or use?

Clutter accumulates quickly at all sizes, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Whether you sell your house or you just want more space, the warmer months are a great opportunity to clean it once and for all with garage (or page) sales.

Here are very easy and simple guides to help you get started.



Collect everything you no longer use.

Before you set the sales page, you must decide what to sell. Determine the space to collect your inventory potential, and spend a few days through each room in your home. If you have several family members, this turn is a challenge (for example, the heaviest burden wins a prize). Throughout this process, remain on a simple rule: have you used it last year? Outdated and not fitting clothes should not eat space in your closet, and your children don’t need toys, they have long exceeded.


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Invite friends and neighbors if they want to participate.

The greater the page sales, the better. If you want to attract a good crowd, invite neighbors, friends, and family members to clean up their own mess and join the sale of your page. You can save your things for payment purposes, or provide a particular percentage of your profits to people who chips in a pile of valuables. If your entrance path and the front page is not large – or your house is not in a location that gets a lot of traffic – you might even offer to arrange other people’s property sales.


Make a sign and advertise online.

Without good marketing, it doesn’t matter how many high-quality things you have. You need to make sure people really know about the sale of your page, especially fans who spend every weekend the movouring table for hidden gems. Craigslist, Facebook, your local newspaper, next door, and even the sales website and appointed application are all great places to start. Of course, you will need physical ads too, so the inventory of the poster board is bright or pre-artificial picket sign. After you mark any sign with your address and big arrow, thick, map the closest intersection and environmental entrance that gets a lot of traffic. This will be your route morning sales page.

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Separate your belongings into categories & start prices.

Before you start attaching the price label on everything, spend a few days of organizing your unwanted items into categories and bundles. For example, all books are shared, but you may have a pile of romance novels that can be bundled and sold as a set. Make sure your clothes are on the hanger, your electronics have a full half battery or work plugs, and everything is clean, dust free, and unbroken. Then use a brightly colored sticker to mark each item (or set item) at a reasonable price. Keep your price very low, because people expect bargains on-page sales.

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Create miniature “Store” with hallways, departments & special offers.

When finally the day of the sales page, you must be ready at least an hour earlier, with shelves and tables arranged like a miniature department store. If that means setting the night before, so be it. The best choice is long, narrow tables with a wide hallway between them. The idea is to facilitate bargaining hunters to go directly to the categories they want to explore, such as heroes or children’s clothing. When your item is valued and displayed, you are ready to make money!


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