Christmas season, while full of twinkling lights and fun tradition of beautiful, can really be exaggerated – for anyone. Once you have kids, though, the actual stress of Christmas becomes patently obvious. There are gifts to buy, glass ornaments for hidden in the future, the Santa story, either, beautify, and this is all done with the understanding that both you and your partner have been sleeping since the birth of your first child (no matter how old the kids now),

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, sure, but it is also an emotional roller coaster for mom and dad. If you have children, you are all too familiar with this stage the Christmas season as a parent.

Here are the Super Mom cool tips for this season’s stressed free:

Manage your celebration.

Holidays offer seemingly endless buffet parties, drama, exchange gifts, and charitable opportunities. While it may seem like a more fun and festive approach to say, “yes” to everything, let your family enjoy some of the activities planned over a million people rushed. Space them on your calendar, and plan some downtime relaxing family among so kids and be able to rest. Remember, they also will need their energy to really celebrate the holidays!

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Keep routines on your holiday to-do list.

Kids thrive on routine, and although holidays (and holiday guests) mean well, they tend to wreak havoc on the daily schedule. Select some of the best-kept-sleeping habits, for example-and stand your ground. And even with Grandma and Grandpa might try to break the rules when they visit, do your best to keep them.


Preventing deer game.

The other thing is the holiday offer countless opportunities for children to create damage – whether deliberate or accidental. Send your family from this faux-pas to let the children know what is expected of them before a formal dinner party at Aunt Jean or neighborhood caroling. Then, practice tricky situation – anything and everything from how to speak politely to you much of what to do if you forget your blessings for the lighting of the Menorah.

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Limit candy season.

The holiday comes loaded with goods that could leave the kids bouncing off the walls or because angry with the inevitable stomach. It’s okay to allow some special treats, but you will be doing everyone a favor if you keep them in moderation and make sure that your child is getting plenty of nutritious food as well.

And last, but not least, be sure to set your own expectations. This season is an exciting time for friends and family to gather, not the time when everything must be perfect – including the behavior of your children. Instead, keep your goals realistic, and you and your family are sure to have a happy holiday!

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Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday! Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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