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Routines are the key to raising happy and healthy babies. Bathing is one of the most important routines, where parent-baby bonds are established, along with development support. Routine soothing and relaxed bathtime will instill big habits in your baby for years to come.

Here are some questions of new parents who used to ask about the routine of bathing time.


How often do we have to take a shower of our baby?

Shower mainly playtime. Babies are not dirty enough for a daily shower. For busy parents, this is good news. Once or twice a week is enough to take a shower, provided you clean your baby’s diaper area is quite good every time there is a bowel movement. Cleaning daily places are needed in areas that are very sweaty, oily, or dirty, such as behind the ears, in the neck folds, in the groin folds, and in the diaper area.


Which soap and shampoo should I use when taking a baby bath?

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Baby skin, especially newborn, sensitive, and all light irritant soap. The use of soap is to suspend particles and oil on the surface of the skin so that they can be more easily removed from the skin with water. Without soap, some oil, dirt, and surface secretion will stick to the skin and need rubbing with cloth and water to eliminate it, which by itself will irritate the skin. Every baby’s skin has individual tolerance to different soap.


How much soap, how often, and what type can be determined only by trying, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Use soap only in the area cooked with secretion, such as oil or sweat, which is not easily removed with ordinary water without much rubbing. Don’t use soap on the face.
  • When you first use soap, try trial on a small part of the body. If, for the next few hours, Redden’s skin or dry or significantly change in any way relative to other areas, prohibits the soap and try others.
  • Use soap milk. Baby soap is regular soap with little additives such as anti-microbes, aroma, or abrasives.
  • Limit the soap time to the skin to less than five minutes to avoid drying or annoying the skin. Wash as soon as possible and increase the skin well.
  • Above all, avoid strong replacements from any skin area with soap.
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If your baby is vulnerable to eczema or experience allergic dermatitis, use moisturizing soap such as a sensitive sink.

The shampoo is similar to soap, and excessive can irritate the scalp and rob natural oil hair. Shampooing once a week is enough for most babies. Use lightweight baby shampoo; Like baby soap, baby shampoo contains fewer additives than other commercial shampoos. It is rarely needed to massage shampoo deep into the scalp. If your baby’s scalp is covered with a flay, crust, oily called Cradle Cap, after a vegetable oil massage shampoo to the crust to soften it, and release it carefully with a very soft toothbrush.

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The following is the last thought about soap and shampoo that has been expressed by many mothers for years. Sensitive mother feels that too much soap and shampoo (and perfume and powder) camouflage natural baby aroma that finds irresistible mothers. Also, it is better not to cover the natural aroma of the mother, the baby needs, and perfume irritates some babies.

To succeed in building a routine of bathing for your baby, just simply stick to your routine.

Happy bathing!


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