Regular dishwasher cleaning and maintenance workhorse make your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. You clean your oven, microwave, and refrigerator, but how do you keep the dishwasher to prevent damage and repair?



Here are some tips to help your dishwasher running at optimum efficiency.

Clear the drain and Filter

First, remove the rack dishwasher lower and locate the drain hole in the bottom of the dishwasher. Clean up any loose food particles in the mouth of a sewer. Search filters dishwasher – it is usually located at the bottom below the sprayer arm. Follow the user manual instructions on how to remove and clean the filter.


Wipe Down Interior

While the shelf is removed, use a cleaning solution and a bristle brush to sterilize the inside surface, rub away any dirt or mold built-up. Dishwashing detergent and water will take care of most stains, but the elimination of rust stains may require special cleaning products, combined with a light rubbing with steel wool.

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Sprayer Clean Weapons

In some cases, when the dishwasher start cleaning less efficient, spouts clogged sprayer may be the cause. Remove the sprayer arms and let them soak in vinegar or hot water for at least several hours. Any lingering mineral deposits and loosen food particles, allowing you to scrub and rinse all blockages.


Seal Gasket Hama

Gasket seal around the opening of the dishwasher should also be cleaned regularly. trapped food particles and dirt can interfere with proper sealing action and cause a leak. While wiping edge seal with a cleaning solution, making sure each piece is firmly attached and lined up with the doors of this tool. Replace the seals when they begin to crumble.


Chipped Paint Repair

Another aspect of the maintenance of the dishwasher that may be overlooked is examining dishwasher own rack. If the paint chips off a thin bar, the metal may begin to rust, may tarnish the dishwasher’s interior. Corrosion can cause metal fragments to enter the filter and drain, causing damage to the mechanical parts are complicated.

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Follow the user manual recommendations when choosing a repair sealant. Sand down the area and apply the finish on all exposed metal surfaces of the rack. If the rack tines have lost their rubber tips, spare parts purchases from the store appliance repair professional.


Run a Cleaning Cycle

After all of the tool is clean, pour one cup of white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher. Run on a regular cycle, and once complete, the dishwasher will smell fresh. You can also buy products for use in place of vinegar to remove odors that are not strictly the first time around.


Never Overload Appliance

Just like overloading the washing machine can cause damage, irregular stocking too many plates in the tool is detrimental to all mechanical parts. The dishes will come out under sanitary standards and you will need to run again. Evenly space plates, cups, and bowls so that water can reach all surfaces sprayer.

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If you ever hear a grinding noise during operation of the dishwasher, a leading contact a professional repair tool for diagnosis. Given the maintenance of the dishwasher can save money on both repair and replacement.


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