Not everyone loved the yard work, but a lovely, nice yard is a great way to improve the curb appeal of any home.

No matter where you live, there are certain plants that will add color and life to your page in an easy way – it was a fun and sustainable form of home improvement.


Here are 11 plants easy to grow outside:


Ribbon Grass

Ribbon grass thrives in a wide range of temperatures. No matter whether you have a shade or full sun, it can still thrive. Even adjust to wet or dry soil. Spread rapidly when even considering the terrain and grows to a height of about one-foot uniform.



These early bloomers will let you get the first glimpse of spring right in your front yard. They are famous for their distinctive yellow flowers. They love full sun and do require some occasional pruning to grow at their best.



When it comes to home improvement in your landscape, hosta is one of the most popular low-maintenance. It tolerates shade, although a little morning sun will provide a huge boost. Watering in the morning will help keep it hydrated and healthy.

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Texas Ranger

This thrilling plant stand to bloom lavender excited. Although they resemble most plants sensitive events, they actually require very little water. Plant in full sun and hydrate the light in summer or when conditions mainly dry throughout the year.



These low-maintenance shrubs Evergreen has been associated with rebirth and longevity for centuries. They can embrace partial or full sun and almost all types of soil. They have seen a resurgence of their own in the south and southwest because of their resistance to drought.


Black-Eyed Susan

Brilliant yellow flowers are popular among gardeners start for two important reasons. For one thing, they are facing a drought-like nothing else. For another, they attract beautiful butterflies. Pair them with rosemary or lavender to keep rabbits and other pests away.


Bottle Buckeye

The buckeye disease-free bottle will grow in sun or shade and grow slowly enough that regular pruning will not be a routine part of your home improvement. Left to their own devices, they can achieve high jump up to fifteen feet.

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Through broad, dark leaves them, Bergenia can be paired with a selection of more verdant to add depth to the color palette of your garden. Although they will grow in the shade and sun, a healthy dose of sunshine make spring bloom (in a stunning magenta and pink) are more likely.



Sedge is a popular alternative to lawn grass that adapts to various conditions. Have been popping up everywhere – literally – because it can add pizzazz to the landscape with very little care. Cutting, fertilizing, and watering even be rare.


Gold Thread Cypress

Gold thread cypress is a versatile shrub that works for both accent and foundation plantings. Its growth is slow, the compact nature allows it to fit in almost anywhere without having to worry about heavy-duty pruning. Fir, he brings a gorgeous gold for your garden throughout the year.

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Creeping Sedum

Also called Stonecrop, creeping sedum has entered the lexicon for gardeners of all skill levels in recent years. These succulents are known for an incredible range of colors as well as their ability to return year after year, even after the hard drought.


When it comes to home repairs, get some air and sunshine can give you a new perspective. This plant will have a stress-free, yet beautiful humming your garden in no time.


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